Advance and Powerful Hospital Management System

For Ayurvedic Hospitals, Clinics and Ayurvedic Doctors

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Ayur Admin

Ayur Admin is a cloud-based Web Application specially designed and developed for Ayurvedic Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors to grow their practice.

This advance Hospital Management System has 20+ Modules to empower daily management activities. You can store and manage Patients, Medical Record, Prescriptions, Invoices, Expenses and can analyse data with graphical reportings to enhance hospital's growth.

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Key Features

Providing 20 Powerful Portals to ease the process of managing hospital data digitally

Connect your existing Website and Manage Patient Enquiries with Ayur Admin
Book Consultations, Receive Payments and Manage all at one place
Connect with your Patients on HD Video Call
Manage OPD and IPD Data
Maintain Medical Record and Patient’s Medical History with Customised Consultation Form
Get an e-prescription
Manage error-free IPD treatment with increased efficiency of your staff
Schedule Appointments with a Daily Calendar
Manage Inventory and prevent stock expiries with pre-notifications
Manage invoices (Purchase, Sale, OPD, IPD, Discharge)
Manage Shipping by connecting with Multiple Courier Partners
Manage Hospital Cash Inflow-Outflow with Daily Expenses
Easy Check-In Check-Out for Indoor Patients along with Pantry Management
Manage departments by creating multiple users with customized access
View Customized Hospital Statistics in Graphical Format

Key Benefits

  • Increase the number of patients by online video consultations
  • Receive payments from over the globe with the same-day settlements
  • Prevent the expiry of stock with inventory management
  • Simplify your GST calculation
  • Plan your day with pre-scheduled appointments
  • Prevent human errors in finance and medical departments
  • Reduce your shipping cost & get competitive rates by connecting with multiple courier partners
  • Get statistically analysed and crunched hospital insights at one place
  • Access old-to-old patient’s medical records anytime
  • Accessible from any device and from anywhere
  • Further Customisable as per your needs